Facial Care

Cleansing lotion

Facial cleansing lotion for gentle skin cleansing

Mild almond oil and cocoa butter that are gentle to skin, in combination with a refreshing alpine herbal extract and edelweiss extracts gently remove skin impurities and make-up. The cleansing lotion’s delicate and creamy texture gives the skin purity and well-being.


Mornings and evenings, apply several drops of the cleansing lotion to the face, neck and chest using circular motions with the palms of your hands, remove using a cotton ball and then rinse off with warm water.


22,00 CHF

Silk facial care

Intensive care and regeneration for the facial skin

Silk proteins can store 300 times their weight in moisture. They regulate the natural moisture balance of the skin and thereby counteract small dryness wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin to retain firmness and elasticity by locking moisture into the skin. Wild rose extract has a regenerating and regenerative effect on the skin. It promotes collagen production within the connective tissue and thereby maintains the ability of the skin to store moisture. Contains grape seed oil and avocado oil.


Gently apply mornings and evenings after cleansing. Suitable for normal and dry skin.

50 ml

78,00 CHF


Gentle deep cleansing for face and body

Finest peeling particles made of almond pits and olive pits cleanse the skin down to the pores and remove dead skin. The gentle massage during the peeling promotes the circulation. The skin’s appearance becomes visibly improved. Wheat germ oil binds moisture and promotes the skin’s circulation. Enriched with mountain herbal extracts, lady’s mantle, lime-tree blossoms, edelweiss extracts and naturally pure essences.


Massage the peeling cream with gentle, circular movements and then rinse off with warm water. Use for normal skin one to two times per week. Avoid the eye area..

175 ml

78,00 CHF