«Because it is wonderful to become one with nature and the land in which I live and in which I shall pass away...»

Domenic Feuerstein, 1938


Our own face and body care product line was created during many years of development. In addition, a special scent was developed, which, from an aromatherapeutic point of view, is soothing to the autonomic nervous system. Here at Feuerstein Essentials, body and soul are considered to be one. During the years, a sensual, nature-inspired skin care line with exclusive ingredients was created, which softly cares for your skin and is filled with a tantalising scent.


A relaxed face is beautiful, because beauty is not shown in immaculate facial features, but in relaxed, thoroughly-moisturised and nourished skin which radiates and illuminates when people look at it. These criteria are both ageless and feasible. Our company motto is aimed at a clientele who place value on quality and transparency and want to indulge their skin.