Der Weg


S-charl is a dreamy little village close to the national park in Lower Engadine. It is where our grandfather Domenic Feuerstein spent most of his life amidst nature. And it was there, during a family gathering, that the idea of creating a product collection with a strong affinity to local nature was born.

Extracts from Swiss mountain herbs and edelweiss blossoms were to form an important principle component of our products, and so we started looking for farmers who could supply them.

We found a close bond with nature and pride in the harvest of organically grown herbs, where strong farmer’s arms dipped deep into sacks full of aromatic mountain herbs and re-emerged with generous handfuls. This was what we wanted to embrace in our products, the love of nature, the idea of sustainability and the wonderful unadulterated fragrances we encountered time and again at farms like this on our travels throughout Switzerland.

After months of researching and visiting growers, we found the right partners for our project. And we always discovered a common denominator: the same pleasure in productive work and the same eagerness to innovate – just like the spirit of our enterprise.