Other Ingredients

Alpine lady’s mantle

heals wounds, soothes skin.

Wild rose

has revitalising and regenerative effects on the skin. It promotes collagen production within the connective tissues and as a result helps the skin to store moisture.


has anti-inflammatory properties.


contains an active agent that stimulates cell metabolism, thus strengthening the skin and increasing its elasticity.


benefits the skin with valuable vitamins and trace minerals.


relaxes the skin and helps to prevent skin irritations.

Aloe vera

is known to greatly enhance the rate of skin repair processes and is thus effective in revitalising treatments.

Almond oil

prevents moisture loss from the skin and supports its natural balance.

Jojoba oil

increases the skin’s elasticity and helps it to store moisture.

Apricot kernal oil

quickly penetrates the skin. It leaves a delicate shimmer and makes the skin smooth and supple.

Grape seed oil

positive effects on impure or oily skin and cellulite. It supports the formation of new cell tissue and makes the skin soft and supple has.

Macadamia nut oil

is a nourishing oil that is completely absorbed by the skin, leaves no oily residue and makes the skin feel soft and satiny.


Avocado oil

nourishes the skin with a deep moisturising effect.

Olive oil

contains special elements that protect the skin against wrinkles and dryness.

Wheat germ oil

has antioxidant properties that protect the skin against free radicals and thus against premature aging.


has anti-inflammatory properties that mankind has recognised for thousands of years. Honey contains many beneficial substances including valuable vitamins, enzymes and minerals which are absorbed through the skin.


protects chapped or cracked skin and has a deep moisturising effect.

Cocoa butter

is extremely nourishing and creates a smooth complexion.

Healing clay

stimulates the circulation and captures waste materials and toxins from the skin by absorbing them. Healing clay is also rich in minerals.

Vitamin E

enables the skin to increase its moisture retention capacity, thus improving the the skin’s texture.

Hyaluronic acid

helps the skin to retain its firmness and elasticity by encapsulating the moisture within the skin.


silk proteins have the ability to store 300-times their own weight in moisture. They regulate the skin’s natural moisture balance and thus counteract fine wrinkles resulting from dryness.


is the main component in chamomile oil and is mostly used for the care of sensitive and impure skin.


forms a film on the skin and reduces moisture loss.