Made in Switzerland

In a small cosmetics and pharmaceuticals laboratory in Central Switzerland, the initial skincare products were manufactured in the smallest of batches. The growing demand for our products brought us to Appenzell. Working in close collaboration with a distinguished cosmetics manufacturer, we developed our product line.

In our soap boiler, we not only managed to find the ideal manufacturer for our wonderful silky soaps, but also a creator of magnificent fragrances for our skincare line. These conceal within them a secret, known only to her, and which has an altogether mystical effect on the senses.

In addition to the skincare products, we offer a small and tasteful selection of fragrant accessories for home and soul. These are produced by hand in Switzerland. Our scented candles are made from pure soya wax and pure essential oils. A workshop for people with disabilities in Jura produces these with the greatest level of care and love.

The herbal pillows are produced on our own premises. The little sacks full of mountain herbs, which are processed here, emit a delightful fragrance that makes sure that we do not forget what drove us to establish Feuerstein Essentials Switzerland in the first place:

“Plötzlich singt und schwingt etwas in unserem Innern. Eine wundersame Sehnsucht nach Wald und Berg und Einsamkeit und Frieden.”

Domenic Feuerstein, 1939