Gentle care

We manufacture our products in Switzerland based on the latest insights in the botanical sciences and in keeping with internationally recognised best practice guidelines (GMP). Some of our production processes still employ handcrafting skills, thus making each individual product unique.

Our glass jars and violet glass bottles are designed to protect the ingredients of our personal care creams and lotions from the influence of air and light. They can easily be reused or recycled.

We develop and test our personal care products without any animal experiments. Our products have been subjected to dermatological and allergy tests. The mountain herbs and extracts used in our products come from controlled organic cultivation sources in Swiss mountain regions. Some of the knowledge surrounding herbal applications and effects is centuries old. Nature is our accomplished teacher.


For home and soul

We offer you a small tasteful selection of aromatic accessories for home and soul. Our scented candles release a pleasant fragrance and entice the senses. Our aromatic eye cushions enable you to relax and enjoy refreshing sleep. Each item is handmade with loving care in Switzerland.